Welcome at the Chair for Stochastics at the Department of Mathematics

Prof. Dr. Andreas Christmann
   Phone: +49.921.55-3269
Prof. Dr. Melanie Birke
   Phone: +49.921.55-3289
Prof. Dr. Lorenz A. Gilch
   Phone: +49.921.55-3289
Prof. Dr. Dao-Hong Xiang
   Phone: +49.921.55-3237
apl. Prof. Dr. Walter Olbricht
   Phone: +49.921.55-3271

Mrs. D. Tannreuther
   Phone: +49.921.55-3260
   Fax: +49.921.55-2152
   E-Mail: Dagmar.Tannreuther@uni-bayreuth.de

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